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Ready, Set, Go!

The most often asked question is, “How do you train for this tour?”

I ride a lot, obviously, and really don’t do much special. Many “club rides” from DuBois are 25 to 30-mi long loops and pretty hilly, which I do two or three times a week. I try to get out for a long ride once a week. Last week I did a 48-mi loop out to SB Eliot and Parker Dam State Parks, for instance, which involved 3,100 ft of climbing. It’s good practice reminding me to carry a couple of power bars and to add electrolytes to one water bottle. Sunscreen can’t be forgotten either, if I’m outside for 5 or 6 hours.

I’ll be happy to respond to other questions before, during or after my tour.

Here are a few clips from my training this summer. I leave tomorrow for my 21st bike tour. Track and support my ride for Habitat here!


I’ve been at my in-laws in Myrtle Beach and have been able to ride 4 days straight. First thing in the morning it has been about 70-deg and humid. These two guys have urged me on in some fairly fast 30-mi rides. Gary at the left of the picture is hard for me to keep up with and Fred on the right nearly as strong. I’m feeling ready for my tour thanks to their help.


On Saturday, Pat K. phoned to ask me to contact these riders from England. She talked to them at Station 101 and, so, Cathy and I met them there for post dinner drinks. They were just 6 days into a coast-to-coast tour to raise money for cancer research. James’ son Adam died at age 23 of B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma. You could see their story at and follow them on Facebook @ridingforadam1or Twitter @ridingforadam1. So today I rode them the safe way out of DuBois to Falls Creek and then to US322 near Reynoldsville. I rode only 35 mi and they will do 60 mi on what’s going to be a hot day. They have raised over $31,000 already – I hope I can compete. Well, if they can get across this country I can cross Pennsylvania.

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