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Lost but not Forgotten...Bike2Build Day 2

Day 2 - Saturday, September10th: Allentown to White Haven [68-mi, 6:17, 1778-ft]

I knew there was going to be a little off trail riding today in Catasauqua. The detours were not

well marked but that wasn’t a problem, and neither was town traffic.

A little later I ran into an issue at Northhampton, which I’m still trying to puzzle out. The website map shows the bike trail separating from the towpath and then crossing the river. My experience was to keep cycling on the towpath which seemed to be marked and well-travelled. But over a couple of miles the trail just got worse and worse eventually ending in weeds. I back tracked, sat down in the shade to study my maps and electronics, and found that I needed to cross the river only to find a great trail. Jim Thorpe is a much-changed place since I was there last. It’s a thriving activity center. There were hundreds of rafters on the river.

The tourist train ride was operating two trains. The station area was congested. I found a pop-up lunch stand and sat at a picnic table with a couple of fun ladies from Sarver PA.

Riding out of town there might have been a thousand cyclists on the trail, they came at me in flocks on rented bikes. The outfitters sure had a great day. And the trail was busy all this beautiful afternoon as I headed up to White Haven. This trail is a worthy destination, it’s photogenic, there are waterfalls, and the river is shallow enough in late summer to play in. I left the trail at Tannery to ride the last 5 miles on road to my motel. Tom Nelson (a favorite student) and Nancy picked me up and took me out to a nice dinner. I had leg cramps in the night.

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